The Flat Jesus Project

What in the world is “Flat Jesus”?Flat Jesus

Flat Jesus was created as a way to keep our church connected as we approach the summer travel season.  We also wanted to use Flat Jesus to remind us that Jesus is always with us.  He promised this in the Bible!  Finally, Flat Jesus makes it easy to tell others about Him.  If someone asks you what you are doing while you and Flat Jesus are out and about, tell them!

How to create your very own Flat Jesus

1.  Print out the template by clicking the link below.  Use heavy cardstock paper if possible

2.  Be creative!  Decorate Flat Jesus.

3.  Make one for yourself and one for a friend!

4.  Place a reminder on the back of your Flat Jesus on how and where to send your pictures.

You can upload Flat Jesus pictures by:

1.  Emailing them to St. Luke’s

2.  Or by uploading your picture on your Facebook page and tagging #StLukesDerwood

5.  Take your Flat Jesus everywhere you go and take lots of pictures and then share them with us.

6.  Talk with family and friends about what you and Flat Jesus experienced.

Click here to print directions and template for Flat Jesus

Flat Jesus prepares to serve bread at St. Martin's Food Pantry

Flat Jesus prepares to serve bread at St. Martin’s Food Pantry