Blob's Park 2012“Fellowship” is the church word for people having fun together.  At St. Luke’s we enjoy getting together often, and that almost always includes food and conversation.

Some of our favorite events include a Time and Talent Auction and Chili Dinner; Christmas party with ornament exchange; a summer picnic and pool party; and a Seder meal the Seder Mealweek before Easter.  During Advent (the month before Christmas) and Lent (the 40 days before Easter) we gather on Wednesday evenings for a simple dinner.

For many people a favorite time of the week is right after Sunday worship.  That’s a time to relax, catch up on news and share coffee and some special treats.

In the Spring and Summer months we also enjoy “Dinner Together”, an evening of food, fun and fellowship when we gather with friends and family at a local restaurant just to share a meal and conversation.

Folks from St. Luke’s also periodically get together to attend sporting events, movies, plays, concerts and special events in the Washington DC area.

Dinner Together 8-21-2013